BeotsMusic has been discontinued as Beats Music is now Apple Music.

What's BeotsMusic?

BeotsMusic is a Mac OS X application which brings Beats Music to the desktop without using a browser.

Why is that good?

BeotsMusic is a weird name. How to pronounce it?

I don't know, but you can get a clue from SoundCleod.

How to get it?

Important! Minimum required OSX version is 10.7 (Lion).

Screenshots? Yeah!

BeotsMusic screenshot



Beats Music the service itself doesn't support keyboard shortcuts unlike SoundCloud. That means, the method being used here is a bit more hackery than the predecessor, SoundCleod.

Use at your own higher risk. It might destroy the Earth. Or better don't use it.



Maintained by Dongsung "Don" Kim


Created by Márton Salomváry
and SoundCleod contributors

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